Ashlinn (iheartrocks) wrote,

My Non- Depressing Entry

I've noticed that when I do post on here the entries are generally depressing. I want to stop that trend and brag about all the things I've got going for myself right now.

First off, we found out my dad has cancer [I know... not the best way to start off a non depressing post] It's called Non- Hodgkin Lymphoma. At first it was really hard, but we found out it's a very slow growing cancer and that it is VERY treatable with non aggressive treatment. All the prayers helped.

I registered for classes next fall. I got into every class I wanted to get into. Three history courses next semester will set me to graduate on time. I love having school all figured out. It makes life SO must easier. Oh, and I found a new roommate. Next year should be an interesting, Brittany free, year.

I got my camp counselor job back.. I have mixed emotions about this, but at least I'm making money. Plus, I'm pretty sure I got Connor a job working with me as well. I have mixed emotions about that as well, but at least he'll be making money too!

I GOT A NEW DOG!!!! After two years of having a lonely house my mom decided it was time to get a new dog. His name is Mickey, like the mouse, or like the baseball player.. which ever one you prefer. He is a Shih- Tzu/ Poodle mix. He's really fluffy, and he's really sweet, AND I love him!!! RIP Hawick.. You will never be replaced.

And lastly, I guess I'll dish about me and Connor, even though I feel like every time I do that I jinx myself in a way. Sometimes I think about how I felt the first time I met him. I got butterflies, no lie. And even now, when we see each other after weeks of not seeing each other, I get the same feeling. I feel like I'm pretty lucky. Not everyone meets a person who can do that, and even more so, people do not get the opportunity to share a serious relationship with that person. I'm just really happy. It's been almost a year and a half now. Things aren't perfect, but we're happy.

I don't mean to sound proud or boastful, but I am happy. I guess I should knock on wood.

Summer, I love you... come sooner???
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