Ashlinn (iheartrocks) wrote,


Brand New last night was breath takingly amazing!!! It was a nice show. You could tell all the bands that played really had a lot of respect for one another and what not. I like that. By the last song on Brand New's set there were about twenty-five people up on stage just playing their instruments and going crazy.
.. That was right about the time when I was being punched in the arm by some faggot asses. I don't understand why guys come to shows and get into fights, because there's always those innocent by standers who get punched accidentally. Thank god Lindsey Crew was there to protect me. She's my personal bodyguard...
Just, an amazing show. I kinda feel bad for the poor little dude that was standing in front of me though. My crotch was totally rubbing up against his ass the whole night. I think he liked it though... I know I did.

One more week of real school, then finals. I found out yesterday I have a 68 in Spanish. I think I'm kind of fucked royally.. OH WELLLL!!! I can honestly say I don't care anymore.

Ahhhhhh how I want summerrrrrrr!!!
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