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I haven't had a good night's sleep this whole week. First off I keep having these reoccurring dreams about my dad dieing. My father and I don't have the best relationship, plus he's getting older and he's in horrible condition. It just freaks me out. I don't want anything to happen to him and us not be alright with eachother. It would bother me for the rest of my life I think.
Then the whole Virginia Tech thing really freaked me out. I'm still quite upset about the whole thing. I cannot even imagine being in class and have some crazy person come in and open fire. I mean, I already don't enjoy going to class, but now this just adds to my hatred. And I know the pobability of that happening at my little school is slim, it's still scary. My heart goes out to those innocent people who lost their lives Monday, and to the guy that did the whole thing.
But besides all that heavy stuff, I've been thinking a lot about prom. I guess I shouldn't be worrying about it but I am. I guess it's just excitement. Sallies senior prom... it's kind of a big deal. I sitll have to get MY DRESS, make hair appointments, nail appointments [if anyone wants to come with me, that would be super], make up appointments, find SHOES, jewelery. As Mr. Bobby Ristow once pondered, What would happen to the world if there was no prom????

Timberland's new CD is tight. I'm not gonna lie, I like it.. especially the song with FallOutBoy.

Brand New next week. Yes please!!! Say Anything two weeks from today. YESSS!!!
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