Ashlinn (iheartrocks) wrote,

Holy shit.

Hold the fuck up.
I know this is like ancient history.
I was just reading over old journal entries.
I really hated when Connor went out with Lindsay.
I mean, that REALLY makes me mad.
To this day.
I bring it up all the time with him just to let him know that he's still not forgiven.
I think he kind of deserves that though.
Actually, I know he deserves that.
He knows he deserves it too.
I'm like shaking right now.
The thought of him doing that to me now makes me want to die.
We're doing so well lately.
The thought of him doing that to me.
I feel pysically sick to my stomach.
This time is for real.
The thought of her touching him in any way shape or form makes me want to kill myself.

I love him so much.
This time IS different.
I trust him now more than ever.
He's proven to me that I can trust him again.
It only took him like a year.

I love him.
I love him.
I love him.

I hate her.
I hate her.
I hate her.
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