Ashlinn (iheartrocks) wrote,

School is really kicking my ass this week. It seems like I have SO much work to do in so little time. Actually the only thing I'm stressing out about is this dumb English paper. The dumb bitch is making us research our research.. then making us writing about researching our research. I'm so fed up with that stupid class. It makes me so god damn mad. I could rant about it for hours. The teacher is a stupid twat head and I cannot stand her and her awkward body!!asdfghjkl!@#$%^&*


If anyone wants to do something Friday, shout me a holler for sho.
My parents are going away for a whole week on Saturday.
HVT/Sallies wrestling matches make me happy in my pants.
Connor spending the night on Saturday also makes me happy in my pants.
And Lindsey and Amanda meeting all my cool friends up at school makes me happy in my pants.

Basically this weekend I'm going to have to change my pants a lot because I'm going to be SO happy the whole time.
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