Ashlinn (iheartrocks) wrote,

It's been a while...

Don't worry Livejournal. I still love you.

School is almost over for the year. Thank sweet baby Jesus.

So now let me rant about how much I hate my roommate...
I cannot stand Brittany. I hate who she's become. She's disgusting. Spring break definitely changed my views on her a lot. She has absolutely no repsect for herself or her friends. She hooked up with Kate's brother for fuck's sake.. Not to mention tried, and semi succeeded in, making out with me, Kate, and Jenna. The bitch shit her pants without knowing it. You cannot tell me that geting that drunk is ever okay. I mean, yeah I got shit faced too. I threw my life up the next day but I had fun and didn't try to make out with anyone, and I kept my shit in the toilet, not in my pants!!! And now she hangs out with kids who blow up goose eggs in microwaves for fun. I'm not animal rights activist or anything but I know that killing animals is wrong, and that most serial killers start their killing by killing animals.. That's all I'm saying. She was better off being miserable with Ben. I hate to say it, but it's true.
Okay that was my rant on how much I don't like my roommate.

In other news Connor's mom hates me because I'm not a skinny blonde chick. Apparently I'm not good enough for Connor if I'm not a skank. Not saying that all skinny blonde girls are skanks, but you understand. I mean, to my knoledge, I've never had a middle aged lady hate me because of the way I look. I mean, hate me for being a bitch or something, not because I'm not what you want me to look like. I actually cried about it Friday night!! A fifty year old woman made me cry!!!! You see, Friday evening I went to Connor's rugby game. It was about 30 degrees outside and windy as hell, but I stood my ass on that sideline for an hour and a half.
..ill finish this later...
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